Countdown to the 3rd Annual MLotA

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some common questions about the event.  We'll answer them as best as we can with our somewhat novice level of organizing a contest!


Do I need to be a Freemason to particpate?

Not at all, we encourage any club or individual who might know a Mason to inquire about the use of their lodge property to activate for the contest. Explain to the the goal of the contest, and you will most likely be welcomed in to activate their lodge of the contest. Remember, you need the lodge name and number, as well as the Grand Lodge jurisdiction.

Do I need to be a Licensed Amateur Operator to participate?

In the U.S., the control point operator is required to be a licensed Amateur Operator. However, with that person present, non licensed individuals can talk and make contacts on the radio. If you are outside of the U.S., please check with your Amateur Radio frequency governing body to be sure.

How can I get my Lodge excited about the event?

We are glad to hear of your interest level! Our advice would be to approach it from a positive publicity standpoint. Freemasonry and Amateur Radio have an interesting cross section of individuals, and we think this is a way to drive interest in both activities for those outside of either organization. This even offers a way for a brother that is a non-ham to talk with other masons around the country and the world in real time. We have heard that a few lodges are planning an open house day to coincide. The impact level of the lodge is minimal, some hams might setup in the parking lot, some in the lodge, but they all should be able to setup and cleanup when done without any "modifications" to the lodge building.

Is this just limited to the United States?

Any lodge anywhere in the world is more than welcome to participate. Just be sure to include you lodge name/number and the Grand Lodge you are chartered under in your summary report and your exchange. The timing of the contest is slanted towards daylight hours in the U.S., but don't let that stop you! Getting a DX with another lodge outside of the country would be an amazing experience for everyone.

Can we operate from other Masonic locations?

Yes, we will honor the multiplier for operating from historic Masonic locations, as well as appendant body temples such as Shrine, Scottish and York Rite, etc.

Remember The Date

The Saturday of (or immediately following) the Autumnal Equinox

Future Dates

  • 3rd MLOTA – September 23, 2023
  • 4th MLOTA - September 28. 2024
  • 5th MLOTA - September 27. 2025
  • 6th MLOTA - September 26, 2026

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