Countdown to the 3rd Annual MLotA

The 2nd Annual MLotA was a success

The antennas, radios, and power supplies are all stowed away until the next field event, and I honestly feel like the event grew tremendously this year.  Through everyone's hard work at promoting the event through social media, news outlets, both Amateur Radio and Masonic publications, and word of mouth, we saw an amazing spike in the number of lodges being reported in some of the DX clusters and spotter networks. It was a great feeling to have contacted so many more lodges than last year.

As a reminder, please submit your scores online here:

We had a lot of insightful questions this year on the contest, and I would like to see if we can get some changes implemented ahead of year 3. We kicked off this "contest" with the intention of bringing Masons together through the conduit of Amateur Radio. We all know Freemasonry is worldwide, but our hope is to allow everyone to experience that firsthand. That being said, I would like to consider a planned operations page ahead of next year, along with some form of an unofficial spotting page.  It sounds crazy, but I want to see insanely high scores and make it as easy as possible for lodges to get in contact with each other. We have even considered a DMR group to help spot.  In the spirit of Amateur Radio, I think we keep the contacts on HF, although I think 6m might be included for next year as it does take some technical proficiency to work it. I am on the fence about CW and Digital, as I've had a few people inquire. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! (  

Remember The Date

The Saturday of (or immediately following) the Autumnal Equinox

Future Dates

  • 3rd MLOTA – September 23, 2023
  • 4th MLOTA - September 28. 2024
  • 5th MLOTA - September 27. 2025
  • 6th MLOTA - September 26, 2026

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