Countdown to the 3rd Annual MLotA

Long Overdue, but here are the results of the 1st Masonic Lodges on the Air

The posting on this is long overdue as we wanted to give as much time as possible for log files to roll in. Many lessons were learned as part of our first time hosting a contest, and we are already preparing for electronic submission of scores to make it more convenient.

On that note, we want to congratulate the MML category winners WC3PS The Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service for activating Philanthropy Lodge #225 in Greensburg PA, part of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and making 109 QSOs, including 4 lodges for a combined score of 436.

The MSL category goes to NL7CF The Newark Amateur Radio Association for activating Farmers Lodge #152 in Fredonia OH, part of the Grand Lodge of Ohio and making 9 QSOs, including 3 lodges for a combined score of 27.

We only received around a dozen log sunmissions, we are hoping by switching over to a form based web submission we can get a few more groups to submit their results.  

We hope to hear you on the air on September 24, 2022 

Remember The Date

The Saturday of (or immediately following) the Autumnal Equinox

Future Dates

  • 3rd MLOTA – September 23, 2023
  • 4th MLOTA - September 28. 2024
  • 5th MLOTA - September 27. 2025
  • 6th MLOTA - September 26, 2026

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